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This site is dedicated to all of us who have been screwed over by our ex's. Mmy friend and I have been taken for almost everything we own. So back in August of 1996, we decided to get our revenge. We posted naked pictures of our Ex-Wives on the internet for the whole world to see. As the excitement grew, we had other angered Ex's sending us NUDE photos and stories of their Ex's.

Over four years later, we now have five Ex's Websites combined into one (,, and featuring all of these NUDE photos and stories.

We have been on several talk and radio shows around the world. The television show 48 Hours calls our website "The most controversial website on the internet" We now have "The Jerry Springer Show" taking story submissions from our members so they can be seen on "Jerry Springer"

Each and every month we update all of our Ex's websites with new photos, stories, revenge booklets and more. Stop in and preview our website, if you decide to become a member, you will be able to gain instant access to our web sites.

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ICG settles out of court with Amy Kauffman The Internet Commerce Group was once more in trouble with the law due to the illegal postings of Amy Kauffman. ICG, which is one of the largest owners of adult oriented web sites, had placed pictures of Ms. Kauffman on their site. The pictures were bought from her Ex-Boyfriend for an undisclosed amount of money and ICG claimed full ownership of the photos.

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We have a complete section dedicated to the "Ex" bent on getting even. Check out our "How To" Revenge Booklets. Find out how the pro's catch people doing things they shouldn't be doing! The technique's in this section were supplied by Kelly Squires, Author of "Spying On Your Spouse".

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We have a complete section dedicated to "LIVE SEX SHOWS" cyber style. When you are a member, you will have access to all the great features listed above, but we think you will find your enjoyment in the "Live Video Feed" section.

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